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And if women feel like they can’t eat lunch with married male colleagues because of what people might think — or if men feel that way about their female colleagues — people will miss out on a lot of professional relationship building.Historically, that’s hurt women more than it’s hurt men.I think it depends on (a) whether this is part of a larger pattern of over-stepping or inappropriate nosiness/judginess, (b) how annoyed you are (which might depend a bit on what her tone and manner were when she talked to you), and (c) whether you’re concerned that she might do something similarly out-of-line to another colleague in the future.

Even if Fergus weren’t my husband, it’s not a big deal to go to lunch with male colleagues, married or not.Hammurabi wanted to be an efficient ruler and realized that this could be achieved through the use of a common set of laws which applied to all territories and all citizens who fell under his rule....[tags: Ancient History] - The code of Hammurabi was presented in an eight-foot-tall stele made of gleaming black basalt.The creation of “the Code” was a tremendous achievement for not only Babylonian society but for the entire Mesopotamian region as King Hammurabi was ruler over all of that area.Its conception can be considered to be the first culmination of the laws of different regions into a single, logical text.

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