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On the other hand, activities like visiting a local market, strolling in the park, or even bowling or mini golf allow you to talk while having fun.After an activity, you can make your way to a restaurant and it need not be the fanciest place in town.Another good thing to remember is to keep it simple.Going to a movie together does not make it easy to interact and get to know one another.The weather will also determine how you spend your evening so, if you have outdoor activities planned, you should always make sure that you have an indoor alternative just in case.Rain can come out of nowhere which doesn’t mean that your date is ruined. Last, but definitely not least, make sure that you turn your phone off.Deactivate the vibrate feature and, when seated, keep it in a pocket rather than on the table.

If she answers the phone, thank her for a great night and schedule a second date.

If you buy obviously cheap flowers, then we may believe you believe we’re cheap.

We don’t need to receive flowers daily, so on the special occasions when you take the floral plunge, buy the best, freshest, most fragrant arrangement. I know it may seem unproductive to you, but many of us like looking at the flowers on our bedside table, on our work desk or in the living room.

Tradition dictates that you should walk on the outside of her to avoid puddle splashes and runaway carriages, but feel free to disregard this unless your date takes place in Colonial Williamsburg (not advised). It's chivalrous and also a good way to initiate contact.

If she answers the phone "Sam's Pizza" and pretends you've got the wrong number, all bets are off.

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